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Window decals

Window decals are a cost-effective way to attract attention to your business.  Window decals are quick and easy to install.  Perth City Signs can full colour print window decals on both sides so your customers will see your message whether they’re coming or going. We can print your window decals onto long lasting vinyl, low-tack removable vinyl or static cling film for short term promotions. 

Optical clear vinyl printing

Optically clear window films are a popular choice for many retailers. Printed as large sheets, clear vinyl window film is so clear it is hard to even notice the film in the areas not covered by printed graphics.  Optical clear vinyl films are available as static clings or adhesive vinyl. 

Our premium range of optical clear vinyl films are a great alternative to plain glass interior walls for commercial fitouts, offering a modern look with the added benefit of protecting the glass from chips and breaks.

Vinyl cut or contour cut

For long term use and high sun impact locations we still use traditional vinyls in solid colour cast vinyls as they maintain their vibrant colour long term and premium brands including 3M, Avery and Calon have colour warranties up to 12 years in their cast vinyl ranges giving you longevity and peace of mind.  Vinyl cut signage can be multi-layered using multiple colours contour cut to create high visibility, high impact signage for your business.

One way window film

Our one-way window film can be attached to your interior or exterior windows.  Available in standard and premium, they allow you a level of privacy while maintaining outside visibility.  Used outdoors, digitally printed one way window film helps you turn your shopfront windows into a billboard, gives you privacy and the security of seeing outside.  The micro holes in one way window film make it difficult to see inside your shop or office during the day.

Indoors you may consider using perforated vinyl window film over frosted privacy film for transition areas where you would like to use your window space for printed marketing messages and maintain visibility of your shop floor.  This solution is particularly useful for use between shopfront and back of house operations to maintain privacy.

Frosted window film

Commonly used for AS1288 compliant safety decals on clear glass, frosted window films have many other uses.  Our range of interior and exterior products give the look of etched glass to maintain privacy while allowing the flow of light through the film.  Etched glass frosted window film is the most common choice, however our frosted window films are also available in a range of patterns. 

Frosted window film for commercial interior fitouts

Frosted window films are particularly useful for commercial interior fitouts with quality installed films lasting from 7 to 12 years.  Decorative frosted window film can be printed and cut to shape allowing the option of including text, logo and decorative shapes.  Our premium privacy film is 3M 7725 can be applied indoors or outdoors and has a 12 year warranty providing the longevity needed for commercial interior fit outs and other commercial applications.  It protects glass from chips and breaks and can be easily removed and replaced when fitting out a commercial property for new tenants.

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