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Wallpaper Signs

Wallpaper signs give an otherwise bland wall real punch.  Our large format wallpaper signs can be used for many applications from retail to restaurants and cafes, trade shows, conferences, real estate development display homes or suites and even in domestic settings to create a truly individual wall mural for your home.  At Perth City Signs we can design, print and install wallpaper signs on matte (a non-glossy finish) or on a range of textured finishes.

Retail Wallpaper Signs

Wallpaper signs are perfect for retail applications where they can add to the dé core and branding of a retail store or boutique.  Whether they are used to display the new season’s looks, advertise a sale or work to increase brand awareness, they will add maximum impact.

Restaurant and Café Wallpaper Signage

Add big impact to your restaurant or café with a wallpaper sign.  Whether you want to create an intricate design or a unique, bold statement piece a wallpaper sign is perfect.  They are hard wearing and can be quickly and easily replaced when you are ready for a change or need a freshen up.

Corporate Wallpaper Signs

Perth City Signs are the number 1 choice for corporate signage in Western Australia. Wallpaper signs look amazing in reception areas to show off the personality of your company or to show off your latest projects. Wallpaper signage also works well for trade show and conference applications due to its quick installation and ease of removal.

Real Estate Development Display Suites

Do you want to immerse your potential buyers in your new housing development? Wallpapers can be used to create vistas for display suites to show buyers the view they could expect to see from your new high rise residential development or as a quick and easy way to include interior design elements.  Displaying alternate floorplans at eye level helps you market your alternate apartments or new home designs, allowing you to point out the features and differences between floorplans to maximise your sales. See our property development section for further information on what we can do in this area.

Wallpaper Murals for your Home

A large format wallpaper mural is perfect for creating full wall images at home. Whether you want to create a designer look or display your favourite photos a wallpaper mural is a good choice. Wall murals offer a fast way to create a unique designer look for your home that can be quickly and easily removed and replaced when you are ready for a new look.

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Wallpaper Vinyl Sign
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