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Popup Banner Stands - Easily Display your Message

Pop Up Banner Stands

Pull up banner stands are perfect for press conferences, corporate meetings or events, product launches, as a retail display and as part of an exhibition or trade show display.  Pull up banners are extremely easy to transport and set up and are well suited to use indoors.

At Perth City Signs we are experts in printing high-resolution digital graphics using the best equipment and latest technology.  Our pop up banners are printed on long lasting materials so your pull up banner will always look great.

Easy to pull up

Perth City Signs only use the highest quality pop up banner hardware to make sure you will have the easiest experience setting them up.  In most cases set up is as simple as removing your pop banner from its carry bag, attaching the telescopic pole, pushing up and locking into place.  Taking your pull up banner down for storage is just as easy.

Pop up banner sizes

Our most popular roll up banner size is 85cm wide x 2m tall, however, we have a range of sizes to suit any application.  The 2m tall size is perfect for use as part of your next exhibition and trade show display.  This size retractable banner is also well suited to press conferences, special events, product launches and corporate meetings.  Other sizes include 1.2m x 2m pull up banner stands, 1.5m pull up banners,  1800mm pull up banners, 2.4m pull up banners and pull up banners 3m wide.

Using your roll up banner effectively

When considering the size and design of your retractable banner it is important to keep in mind how much information you will display on each of your pull up banners.  Displaying too much information on one banner will turn people off and detract from your message.  Keeping your pop up banner design simple and spreading your message across multiple pop up banners enhances your message for high impact results.

Pull up banners are the affordable choice

At Perth City Signs we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality roll up banner at an affordable price. We produce all our retractable banners in Western Australia so you save on long waits and expensive delivery costs too. 

Pop up display banner stands are better for the environment

When it comes time to update your branding we can replace the pull-up banner at our facility in Western Australia.  Reusing the existing hardware helps to keep your costs low and do your part for our environment.

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Typical Uses

Trade shows

Press conferences

Product launches

Corporate meetings

Portable signage

Foyer displays

Exhibition display

Trade show signage

Shopping centre signage

Corporate events



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Black pop up banner stands

Gloss finish high resolution banner printing

Non tearing pull up banners

Reusable pop up banner stands

Brushed stainless steel pull up banner stand

Aluminium retractable banner stands

Double screen roll up banner

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Premium blockout roll up banners

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