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LED Lightboxes - Impact and Popout Compared to Other Signs

We offer custom sized single and double-sided lightboxes powder coated or two pack painted to a required colour standing up to harsh Aussie conditions.

As our lightboxes are fully welded we can customise to any height or width and even custom shapes. We also have a range of extrusions for depth options. The most popular depths are from the 150mm and the 190mm extrusion.

Modern signs use aluminium for lightboxes not only for the lightness of the finished sign but they are less likely to rust making it a much safer alternative especially with electrics. Today's modern lightbox uses LED modules for lighting not only do they cost less to run in the long term but they provide a more even light finish. Perth City Signs uses a module with an IP 67 rating and Meanwell transformers. These are top of the range products providing you with the security you need.

Lightbox Repairs

Lightboxes can be repaired, and old fluorescent tubes can be replaced with led lighting. In some instances, if you want to reduce running costs and the internals of the box are in good condition we can replace the starters and tubes with LED products.

If the acrylic face of your sign has been damaged these are generally easy to replace our friendly team can help you out.

Types of Light Box finishes

Small light boxes tend to have 4.5mm or 6mm opal acrylic faces with a full colour digital print as standard. Larger backlit signs move toward a trampoline flex face finish. These allow for a smooth face without any visible joints or gaps in the acrylic. A vinyl cut or contour cut print is the best option for this type of lit face.

In areas where damage is a possibility or high winds a factor, opal polycarbonate faces are the best option. These prevent the face from cracking when hit with objects. Opal polycarbonate also has the longest UV damage prevention of the three flat face lightbox types.

Fully formed acrylic lightboxes are also an option, they can provide light on up to all four sides. They are an extremely lightweight box in the smaller range. They are great for table toppers. 

3D Intracut LightBoxes

These are the upmarket version of lightboxes available today, they are sleek and have dimension adding real impact to your businesses profile.

Intracut products and LED's can also be used in the manufacture of pylon signs.

They are designed around an aluminium frame and wrapped with aluminium composite panels. These have shapes and letters cut out and an opal acrylic pushed through to add dimension. Back up with LED and vinyl added for colour Intracut lightboxes really pop!.

Light Box Uses

Lightboxes are everywhere in the market place. Whether they are a rectangle box hanging under an awning, an A2 poster frame, sitting on top of a pylon pole or even as part of modern pylon signage they are the way to increase your businesses signage impact.

Take a look through our website and you will see many examples of how you can use a light box sign to benefit you. 

Remember, signs are custom made and may also require submission to your local council with fully certified engineers drawings. We have a full-time design team to help you with this. Call us today.

School Digital pylon Sign Wesley
Illuminated 3d laser Cut Letters Jack Daniels Back lit
Light box with individual letters & LED lights, Morley Library
LED lightbox with 3D push through clear acrylic logo with white vinyl
Lightbox, push through clear acrylic with white vinyl on the the top
LED logo
LED signs, Channel letters with LED inside
Raised acrylic lettering
Lightbox, LED, Pasta Fiesta
Light box, side view, Fro Yo, Hillarys
Light box, Fro Yo, Hillarys
Light box, 2.5 x 1.1m single pole pylon sign, Wanneroo
Lightbox sign, with push through acrylic letters, Infinite Wealth
Light box, LED & flurescent pylon sign, bottom sign is LED and much brighter
Light box, with LED acrylic letters, 6m x 2m, Magic Hand Car Wash
Light box, LED oval fascia, Vintage Hairess
Light box, hung from fascia, Maylands
LED neon sign, Disclosure Promotions
Light box, Savills, Woodvale
Lightbox sign, under awning. Tighe Jewellers, Perth
Lightbox, moving coloured lights, WAPHA
Lightbox, Making sign for WAPHA
Light box, Innerspace
Lightbox, internal, Allergy West
Lightbox, Innerspace
Lightbox sign, with 3D acrylic letters, Canton Bay
Light box on pole, FroYo
Lightbox, cut acrylic, backlit, FroYo
Light box signs, 3D backlit channel letters
Light box signs, Karratha Airport
Light boxes, City of Karratha
Lightbox signs, A1 size, backlit, FroYo
Lightbox, LED on brick wall, FroYo
Lightbox, 125mm pvc acrylic, illuminated, Domino's
Illuminated signs, The Collective
Light box signs, Steven Sher, Nedlands
Light Box LED W-Halo Blackburne Prop GRP
Light Box,
Light Boxes Hanging Commonwealth Bank
Light Box and ATM Surround Commonwealth Bank
Light Boxes ATM Commonwealth Bank
Light Box Pylon Sign King Supplement
Shop Front Hanging Under Fascia Century21
Light Box Signs Under Fascia Double Sided Light Box Hanging Sign
Light boxes John Holland
Pylon Signs Pylon light box Padbury vet Clinic
Large scale signs Large light box on wall Chiroxtralia
Light boxes Safety signs