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A Frame & Sidewalk Pavement Signs

Want to Increase the Curbside Appeal of Your Shop or Business?

A-Frame signs, Chalk and Blackboard Sandwich Boards are a great, affordable way to connect with customers as they pass your door, or to make a statement. Acting as a salesperson guiding customers into your business.

Pavement signage is eye-catching and, being double-sided, A Frames grab people’s attention no matter what direction they’re traveling, and because they’re portable you can position them to best effect.

A-Frame Materials and Sizes

The A-Frames we supply are made from long-lasting materials, including; steel, aluminum, wood, corflute, and durable plastic - depending on your preference. Sturdy, yet light enough to move easily, our sidewalk signs are very versatile and allow you to bring them in from the street when your business is closed.

Plastic A Frame Sign with digital print
Enduro sign, 600 x 450mm, Remax Extreme
Conference, corflute sign with frame
A frame, custom made moveable sign plus roster sign
A frame, double sided sign with heavy base
A frames, custom made, 1800 x 1200, with magnets, St Ives
A frames, black enduro, 600 x 450, LJ Hooker
A frame, 600 x 900mm, Harcourts
A frame sign, 600 x 900mm
A frame, 600 x 900mm, Motobuyers
A Frames 600x900 Blackburne Property Group
Aframes 600x900/900x1200mm Devwest
A frame 600 x 900 full colour BCI Bus & Coach International

Sidewalk Signage and Standard Metal A-Frame Street Signs are Perfect For:

  • Business branding
  • Product advertising
  • Opening hours
  • On Sale announcements
  • Menu lists and daily ‘chef’ specials
  • Special deals and discount offers
  • Real Estate Advertising: Home Open and For Sale

Wood-framed chalkboards and blackboard signs have a rustic, warm and inviting, feel and are popular with cafes and restaurants, bars and hotels, and smaller grocery stores and retail shops.

‘Enduro Signs’ or Flip Signs, are popular with real estate agents and businesses because they are lightweight and made from high-quality durable plastic which is weather and impact resistant. Designed with a carry handle, bracing stays and sturdy hinges, these A Frame signs flip inside-out and fold flat for easy transport and storage.

A-Frame signs are great for temporary use as wayfinding and directional signs, for the community and educational open days and fairs, festival and concert events, and for public exhibitions, art galleries, and museums, and for parks, recreation, and rally events.

Just as importantly, street/path signage provides the impact necessary for warning signs, safety signs and public advisory notices which need to grab the public’s attention.

Our sidewalk signage and A Frame signs are very affordable because they last a long time, and there are many options which make it easy to update your advertising and promotional messages.

Clip-framed pavement signs let you display colour posters at your convenience, and then unclip the frame and replace old posters for new. Fitted with a clear, anti-glare covering, your sign will stay clean and fresh, free from dirt, dust, and insects.

Letter boards with letters, numbers and useful symbols allow you to create whatever messages you need.

Blackboard/Chalkboard and Whiteboard finishes let you write your own promotional and advertising script.

And with replaceable adhesive vinyl, and vinyl lettering, you can always give your old A Frame sign a new lease on life. 

We have a huge range of designs available to suit the style of your business and what you need from your sidewalk signage:

  • Full colour graphics
  • Replaceable Posters
  • Various frames and finishes; metallic/silver, black, grey, white, red, and wood
  • Anti-scratch plastic footings
  • Water-filled bases for stability

Corflute Roster Signs and full-colour posters are also a great way to get the attention of potential customers.