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3D Letters & Dimensional Signs

Transform Your Businesses Image with Dimensional 3d Letter Signs!

With the advent of advanced technology 3d or dimensional letter signs, are now an affordable method of signage fabrication. Everywhere you look they are an integral part of indoor and outdoor advertising signs, adding dimension as part of another sign such as a pylon sign, or an intracut lightbox with push through letters or as stand-alone letters.

Today we are starting to see LED backlit signs and letters as part of hotel and business wayfinding/directional signs and room numbers. The technology of LED modules has allowed the availability of smaller products compared to the old fashions glass neon and fluorescent tube lighting.

Need ideas, see our photo gallery of fabricated bespoke letters and signs below.

Solid 3d letters from acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and timber products are easy ways to boost your image without adding considerable cost to your existing budget. Often used as reception signs and external building signage. There are several finishes available. Talk to your business manager about what they can accomplish for you.

When you really want a sign with impact lighted fabricated letters constructed from acrylic, stainless steel or aluminium can give your business that professional look. Custom fabricated 3d letters can be unlit, backlit or halo lit and available from small to sky sign size.

Design and Light Up Your 3D Fabricated Letters

External illuminated and fabricated letters both require council approval with an engineers certification. We can help you with these processes.

Perth City Signs offers a full design service for your letters and logos and can advise on whether a led backlit letter, halo lit letter or side lit product will suit your requirements best.

The computerised lighting design puts together your LED plan ensuring pricing and brightness is correct for your sign project. For sign lighting we only use quality LED IP 67+ rated modules and Meanwell transformers. We ensure that your signs are bright but do not contravene the lumens allowed by your council.

Manufacture and Installation Processes.

All fabricated dimensional signs are fabricated in our Osborne Park warehouse. As each sign fabrication project is a fully custom fabricated product; you can have any fabricated sign design to suit your business.

A building front fascia sign with 300mm high letters and logo is made from heat bending cast opal acrylic or cast coloured acrylic in a relatively easy process. The depth of the letter is determined by the size and stroke (width) of the font required and the LED modules required to light them.

Whereas, crane signs and larger letters require welded aluminum metal letters installed onto a backing frame structure or directly to the building surface.  We manufacture our metal letter signs with polycarbonate faces for the additional strength this material offers. Frame structures allow for the manufacture of the signs with hidden cabling. They also tend to be considerably deeper than the smaller signs. They tend to average around 80mm to 150mm deep.

Perth City Signs provide a full-service letter sign option with signs being designed, manufactured and installed in-house. We have several full time fully experienced 3d fabricated letter installation and electrical teams. Some letters are easy to install others such as halo letters take longer.

Send through your ideas, design or construction drawings and we will get back to you asap.

To view the below images large please click on them.

3D Laser cut Letters on metal back
Pylon Sign with 3D fabricated letters Homebuyers centre display home
Illuminated 3D fabricated halo letters nexus reception sign
Illuminated 3d laser Cut Letters Jack Daniels Back lit
3d Laser Cut Metal Letters 5mm Aluminium
3D Laser cut acrylic Letters
LED logo
LED signs, Channel letters with LED inside
Reception signs, 10mm painted acrylic letters, Noranda Primary School
3D LED acrylic letters
Illuminated 3D LED lit acrylic letters, side view
3D LED Sign - Froyo Mix & Go
3D Stainless Steel Lettering - The Precinct
3D LED Letters Sign - Connor
3D LED Letter Sign - Domino's
3D LED Letter Sign - Froyo Mix & Go
Reception signs, 3D Acrylic logo and Xtend Barre
Reception sign, acrylic, Fairfax Media
Reception sign, CDPP Government